The edge ecosystem: a new business model

A new on-demand platform that runs code much closer to a cellularly connected device has not been possible before, Until now.

Graphic representing The edge ecosystem: a new business model

We sit between mobile operators and cloud computing and we bridge the gap; that’s at the heart of the business model innovation. Technically we are offering something new — a multi-tenant, on-demand platform that runs code much closer to a cellularly connected device than has been possible before, as measured in the quality of the network connection (latency, bandwidth, business requirements).

Business Model Diagram

The edge is very different from a centralized cloud model because the goal is to be as close to a specific user or device as possible,take advantage of that locality and optimize the utilization of “more scarce than cloud” edge resources.

We believe in “git-to-edge” meaning the developer should upload their software to their repo, with associated declarative business needs, and the MobiledgeX control software should ensure the code is dynamically deployed and placed as close as possible to the requesting application in real-time.

We’re creating a business model that enables new experiences only possible with application mobility.

MobiledgeX aggregates mobile operator infrastructure on a global scale, harmonizes the resources for use, and exposes exciting new edge functionality. Standard tech you love, with new functions and features available at the edge.

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Cloudlets are modern, virtualized (container) infrastructure that provides standardization, resource allocation and security to operators and developers.

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Our SDK, API and Distributed Matching Engine (DME) dynamically places application backends as close to requesting mobile applications as possible.

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We designed MobiledgeX Cloudlets to work with mobile operators’ Network Functions Virtualization infrastructure from the start.